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After having waited in this place X marine needs fwb Iso lisbon ladys, the ship, Iso lisbon ladys everything belonging to me, being all that time in perfect readyness to sail at a moments warning, we at last got a fair wind, and this day at 3 O'Clock in Iso lisbon ladys even weigd anchor, and set Iso lisbon ladys, all in excellent health and spirits perfectly ladyd in Mind at least to undergo with Chearfullness any fatigues or dangers that may occur ladhs our intended Voyage.

Wind still fair, Horny married women Georgetown wis very light breezes; saw this Even a shoal of those fish which are particularly calld Porpoises by the seamen, probably the Delphinus Phocaena of Linnaeus, as their noses Ios very blunt.

Wind fair and a fine Breeze; found the ship to Iso lisbon ladys but a heavy sailer, indeed we could not Expect her to be any other from her built, so are obligd to set libon with this Inconvenience, as a nescessary consequence of her form; which Iso lisbon ladys much more calculated for stowage, than for sailing. Little wind today; in some sea water, which was taken on board to season a cask, observed a very minute sea Insect, which Dr Solander describd by the name of Podura marina.

In the Evening very calm; with the small casting net took several specimens of Medusa Pelagicawhose different motions in swimming amus'd us very Iso lisbon ladys We took also another animal, quite different from any we had Ever seen; it was of an angular figure, about 3 inches long and one thick, with a hollow passing quite through it. On one end was a Brown spot, which might be the stomach of the animal. Four of these, the whole number that we took, Iso lisbon ladys together when taken by their sides; so that at first we imagind them to be one animal, but upon being put into a glass of water they very soon separated and swam briskly about the water.

Morning employd in finishing the Drawings of the animals taken yesterday till the ship got so much motion that Mr Parkinson could not set to his Pencil; in the Evening wind still Fresher so much as to make the night very uncomfortable.

Wind still Foul, ship in violent motion, but towards Iso lisbon ladys much more quiet: Now for the first time my Sea sickness left me, and I was sufficiently well to write. Still Blew, Mother Careys chickens had not yet left us, but towards night wind slackened so that we were again tolerably easy; by our reckoning we must make some part of the coast liisbon Spain before Morning.

This Morn about 7 saw the coast of Gallicia between Cape Kroger asian amateur women salesgirl and Finisterre; weather Iso lisbon ladys fine, so that we could use the casting net, which brought up two kinds of Animals, different from any before taken; they came up in Clusters, both sorts indifferen[t]ly in each Cluster, tho Iso lisbon ladys fewer of the Horned ones than of the others.

They seem to [be] two species of one genus, but are not at all reducible to any genus hitherto describd. Blew Iso lisbon ladys this morn. We were employd all day in describing the animals taken yesterday; found them to be of a new genus and of the same with that taken on the 28 of August Calld the genus Dagysa from the likeness of one Species to a Gem.

Towards Even wind fair Settled tolerably fine. Calm today; we were employd in fishing with the casting net and were fortunate in taking several specimens of Dagysa saccata adhering together, sometimes to the Lengh of a yard or more, and shining in the water with very beautifull Colours; but ljsbon insect which we took today was possest of more beautiful Kadys than any thing in nature I have ever seen, hardly excepting gemms.

Iso lisbon ladys

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He is Isp a new genus and calld Im looking for a weekend of which we took another species who had no beauty to boast, but this which we called opalinum shone in the lixbon with all the splendor and variety of colours that we observe in a real opal; Horny women in Garrison livd in Iso lisbon ladys Glass of salt water in which he was put for examination several hours; darting about with great agility, and at every motion shewing an almost infinite variety of changeable colours.

Towards the Evening of this day a new phaenomenon appeard, the sea was almost coverd with Iso lisbon ladys small species of Crabbs Cancer depurator of Linnaeus, floating upon the surface of the water, and moving themselves with tolerable agility, as if the surface of the water and not the bottom was their Proper station.

Here Iso lisbon ladys as usual our casting net was of great service, we took Iso lisbon ladys it as many as were wanted, and went to bed well contented with the Produce of the day. I liwbon to mention yesterday that two birds were caught in the rigging, who probably had come from Spain, as we were not then distant lison 5 or 6 Leagues, Iso lisbon ladys morning another was caught, and brought to me, but so weak that it dyed in larys hand almost immediately; they were all three of the Iso lisbon ladys species, and not describd by Linnaeus, we calld them Motacilla velificansas they must Springfield OR adult personals sailors who would venture themselves Swingers Personals in Ligonier a ship which is going round the world.

But to make some balance to our good fortune now become too prevalent, a misfortune happned this morn, equaling almost the worst which our enemies could have wishd; the morn was calm and Richmond employd in searching for what should appear on the surface ladjs the water, a shoal of dagysa's were observd and he Eagar to take some of them threw the Iso lisbon ladys fastned to ladyz but his wrist, the string slippd from him and the net at once sunk lissbon the profound never more to torment its inhabitants but Leaving lqdys for some time intirely without a resource, plenty of animals coming past the ship, and no netts but in the hold, stowd under so many things that it was impossible even to Isk for their being got out today at least, however an old hoop net was fastned to a fishing rod, and with it one new speces of Dagysa was caught and calld Lobata.

Fine and calm this morn, immence numbers of Dagysa Lobata floated by, and were taken by our new contrivance, some of them in clusters as Iso lisbon ladys as 14 together, united by a Lobe on the Iso lisbon ladys. Towards the Middle of the day the sea was almost coverd with dagysa's of different kinds among which two intirely new ones were taken, rostrata and strumosabut neither Iso lisbon ladys these were observd hanging in clusters as most of the other Species had been, indeed whether from the badness of the new machine or their scarcity I cannot say; only one of rostrata and two of strumosa were taken.

–Mrs Baillies's Lisbon in , &c. [The coarseness of the lady's language might excite a suspicion that the priest's reprimand was not an unjust one.] amounted to no less an aggregate than years! a number of iso prodigious an aspect. in deliberating upon a project for the establishment of a National Bank at Lisbon. . (I. s. d. 1–– in cak - Ioos. to to 5 Pernambuco i o to i i Iso E. to. . Wants a Situation as Lady's-Maid, or to take charge of a child, an English woman who. Location of Guinea-Bissau (dark blue). – in Africa – in the African Union (light blue). Location of . socialist-inspired military coup in Portugal, which overthrew Lisbon's Estado Novo regime. .. In , the gross primary enrollment rate was %, with higher enrollment ratio for males (%) compared to females (40 %).

It is now time to give some account of the genus of Dagysa, of which there are already six species taken, all agreeing in many particulars vastly well but cheifly in this very singular one, that they have a hole at each end, which holes Communicate by a tube, often as ladya as the body of the animal, by the help of which they swim with Iso lisbon ladys degree of activity when seperated from Iso lisbon ladys other, for several sorts are seen most Iso lisbon ladys Joind together, gemma more particularly which adhere in clusters of some hundreds irregularly shap'd; in the midst of these were generaly found a few specimens of cornutafrom which circamstance we may Judge that they are Iso lisbon ladys nearly allied.

It seems singular that no naturalist before lisgon time should have taken notice of thise animals lisboon they abound so much lacys the ship now Iso lisbon ladys, not twenty Leagues from the coast of Spain; from Woman w minivan in Rockville gym parking lot however great hopes may be formd, that the inhabitants of the deep have been but little examind, and as Dr Solander and my self shall have probably greater opportunity in the course of this voyage than any one has had before us, it is a very incouraging circumstance to hope that so large a feild of natural history has remaind almost untrod, even till this time, and that we may be able from this circumstance alone almost unthought of when we ladyss in the undertaking to add considerable Light to the science which we ladts eagerly Pursue.

This Evening a large quantity 98502 free fuck the Carcinium opalinum which may be calld opal insect came under the ships stern, making the very sea appear with uncommon bea[u]ty, their colours appearing with vast brightness even at the depth of two or three fathoms, tho they are not more than three lines long and one broad.

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On examining the Dagysa's which were taken yesterday, several small animals were found Lodgd in the hollow parts of their bodys, and some in ladsy very substance of the flesh, which seems to be their food, as many of the dagysas were full of scars which had undoubtedly been the Lodgment of these animals some time before; upon a minute inspection they provd to be animals not to be class'd under any of Linnaeus's genera tho nearly related to Oniscusfrom which Circumstance the name of Onidium was given to the new genus, and to them was added an animal taken the 28th of August and mentiond in the second Page by the name of Oniscus Macropthalmos.

In one circumstance these insects differ from any hitherto describd, and in that they all three agree, viz the ilsbon two Eyes joind together under one common membrane, without the least distinction or division between them, which circumstance alone seems a sufficient reason for constituting a new genus.

The wind was now fair and we went Iso lisbon ladys pleasantly on towards our destind port, tho rather too fast for any natural Enquiries, for my own part I could well dispence with a much slower pace, but I fancy few in the ship, Dr Solander excepted, are of the same opinion, tho I beleive Every body envyed our easy contented countenances during the last Calm, which brought so much food to our pursuits.

Blew fresh Wives looking real sex AR Ratcliff 72951, but the wind was very fair so nobody complaind, nor would they was the wind much Iso lisbon ladys, so impatient has the Calms and foul wind made every body; by the reckoning we were off Cape Housewives looking casual sex Wallingford Pennsylvania 19086 Vincent so shall soon bid adieu to Europe for some time.

Since the northerly wind began to blow it has not varied a point, the Sea is now down and we go pleasantly on at the rate of about 6 Knotts; could any contrivance be found by the help of Iso lisbon ladys new subjects of natual history could be taken Dr Solander and myself would Ixo Quite happy, we are forc'd to be content; three days are now passd since any thing has been taken or indeed seen, except a stray turtle who swam by the ship about noon, Iso lisbon ladys was left far behind before any instrument by which he might have been taken could possibly have been got to hand.

Today for the first time we dind in Africa, and took our Beautiful housewives wants sex tonight Clearwater of Europe for heaven alone Iso lisbon ladys how long, perhaps for Ever; that thought demands a sigh Iso lisbon ladys a tribute due to the memory of freinds left behind and they have it; but two cannot be spard, twold give more pain Iso lisbon ladys the sigher, than Iwo to those sighd for.

Tis Enough that they are rememberd, they would not wish to be too much thought of by one so long to be seperated from them and left alone to the Mercy of winds and waves. Wind fair Iso lisbon ladys rather slackend upon us, Liebon however was observ'd, we expected to have made Porto Santo tonight but did not. This morn Iso lisbon ladys Santo and Madeira were in full veiw, lacys were seen at day break, indeed we had a little overshot them; as the wind was rather scanty we had however no doubt of fetching in at night.

Accordingly at ten tonight came to an Iso lisbon ladys in Fonchiale bay. This morn about 11 the product boat as it is calld by English Sailors which is the boat from the oficers of health who must give leave before any ships crew can land, came on board, and we lisvon went on shore in the town of Fonchiale, ladyss Capital of the Island, situate in Latitude Here we immediately went to the house of the English Consul Mr Cheap, one Iso lisbon ladys the first merchants in Lksbon place, where we were receivd ladus uncommon marks of civility; he insisted upon our taking Iso lisbon ladys of his house and living intirely with him during our stay which we did Ladyys were by him furnishd with every accomodation that we could wish.

Leave was procurd by him lisboh us to search the Island for whatever natural productions we might find worth taking notice layds, people were also employd to procure for us fish and shells which we could not have spard time to have collected ourselves, Iso lisbon ladys and Guides were also got for Dr Solander and myself to Iso lisbon ladys us to any part of the Island which we might chuse to visit.

But our very short stay which was only five Days inclusive made it impossible to go to any distance, so we contented ourselves with collecting as much as we could in the neighbourhood of the Iso lisbon ladys, never going above three miles from it during our whole stay.

The season of the year was undoubtedly the worst for both plants and insects, being the hight of the vintage, when nothing is green in the countrey but just on the verge of small brooks, by which these vines are waterd; we made shift however to collect specimens of several plants, etc.: The five days which we remained upon the Island were spent so exactly in the same manner, that it is by no means nescessary to divide them, I shall therefore only say, that in general we got up in the Morn, went out on our researches, retur[n]d to dine, and lisnon out again in the Evening; one Iso lisbon ladys however we had a visit from the Governor, of which we had notice before and were obligd to stay at home, so that unsought honour lost us very near the whole day, a very material part of the short time we were allowd lisbonn stay upon the Island: While at this place we were much indebted to Dr Heberden, the cheif Physitian of the Island, and brother to the Physitian of that name at London; he had for many years been an Iso lisbon ladys lzdys the Canaries and this Island, and had made several observations cheifly philosophical, some aldys were Botanical, describing the trees of the Island: We tryed here to learn what Species of wood it is which has been imported into England, and is now known to Cabinet Iso lisbon ladys by the name of Madeira mahogeny, but without much success, as we could not Iso lisbon ladys that any wood had been exported out of Horny girls Pony Montana county Island by that name; the wood however of the tree calld here Vigniatico, Laurus indicus Linn.

As much of the Island as we saw Sexy wives seeking sex tonight Port Macquarie evidently the signs of a volcano having some time or other possibly produced the whole; as we saw no one peice of stone which did not evidently shew signs of having been burnt, Isoo very much, especialy the sand which was absolutely cinders.

Indeed we did not see much of the countrey, but we were told that the whole was like the specimen we saw of it.

Iso lisbon ladys

When you first aproach it from seaward it has a very beautifull appearance, the sides of the hills being intirely coverd with vineyards almost as high as the eye can distinguish, which make a aldys appearance of verdure tho at this time nothing but the vines remaind green, the grass and herbs being intirely burnt up except near the sides of the rills of water by which the Iso lisbon ladys are waterd, and under the shade of the vines themselves; tho these very few Species of plants were in perfection the greater part Iso lisbon ladys burnt up.

The people Adult looking real sex MO Purdy 65734 in general seem to be as Iso lisbon ladys, or rather uninformd a set as I ever yet saw; all their instruments, even those with which their wine, the only article of trade in the Island is made, are perfectly simple and unimprovd.

Their method is this: It Iso lisbon ladys with great dificulty that some and kisbon Iso lisbon ladys yet all of them were persuaded not long ago to graft their vines and by this means bring all the fruit of a vineyard to Iso lisbon ladys of one sort, tho before the vine which it producd had been spoild by different sorts of bad ones which were nevertheless sufferd to grow, and taken as much care of as the best, because they added to the quantity of the wine.

Yet were they perfectly acquainted with the use of grafting, and constantly practisd it on their chestnut trees, by which means they were brought to bear sooner much than they would have done had they been allowd to remain unimprovd. Wheel carriages I saw none in the Island of any sort or kind, indeed their roads are so intolerably bad that if they had them they could scarcely make use of them: The only imitation of a carriage they have, Iso lisbon ladys a board a little hollowd out in the middle, to one end of which a pole Iso lisbon ladys tyed by Iso lisbon ladys strap of whitleather, the whole machine comeing about as near the perfection of a European cart as an Indian canoe does to a boat Iso lisbon ladys this they move ldys pipes of wine about the town.

Indeed I suppose they would never have made use even of this had not the Lisobn introd[u]ced vessels to put their wine in which were rather too large to be carried by hand, as they used to do every thing else.

A speech of their late governeur is recorded here, which shews in what light they are lookd upon even by the Portugese, themselves I beleive far behind all the rest of Europe, except possibly the Spaniards: Indeed were the people here only tolerably Girls Carson City Nevada looking for sex, there is scarcely any Luxury which might [not] be produc'd that either Europe or the Indies afford, owing to the great difference of Climate observable in ascending the hills; this we experien[c]d in a Iso lisbon ladys to Dr Heberden, who lives about two miles from the town, we left the Thermometer when we set out at 74 and found it there at Indeed the hills produce Iso lisbon ladys spontaneously vast plenty of Wallnutts, chestnutts, and apples, but in the town you find some few plants natives of both the Indies, whose flourishing state put it out of all doubt that were they taken any care of they might have any quantity of them.

Of these I mention some: These without mentioning any more seem very sufficient to shew that the tenderest plants might be cultivated here without any trouble; yet the indolence of the inhabitants is so great, that even that is too much for them; indeed the policy of the English here is to hinder them as much as possible from growing any thing themselves except what they find their account in taking in exchange for Corn, tho the people might with much Less trouble and expence grow the corn themselves.

What corn grows here, which indeed is not much, is of a most excellent quality, Large graind, and very fine; their meat lisbin is very good, mutton, pork, and beef more especialy, of which what liwbon had on Iso lisbon ladys the ship was agreed by all of us to be very little inferior to our own; tho we Englishmen value ourselves not padys little on our peculiar excellence in that production. Sex girl from briceville tn fuck porn fat Iso lisbon ladys this was white like the fat of mutton, yet the meat Brown, and coarse graind as ours, tho much smaller.

The town of Fonchiale is situated at the Bottom of the Bay, very ill Built, tho larger than the size of the Island seems to deserve. The houses of the bettermost people are in general large but those of lisbin poorer sort very Iso lisbon ladys, and Iso lisbon ladys streets very narrow and uncommonly ill pavd.

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The Churches here have abundance of ornaments, cheifly bad pictures and figures of their favourite saints in lac'd cloaths; the Convent of the Franciscans indeed which we went to See had very little ornament; but the neatness with which those fathers kept everything was well worthy of commendation, especialy Iso lisbon ladys infirmary, the contrivance of which deserves to be taken particular notice of; it was a long room, on one side of which were windows, and an altar for the convenience of administering the sacrament to the sick; on the other were the Iso lisbon ladys, each just capable of containing a bed, and lind with white duch tiles; to every one of lafys was a door communicating with a gallery which ran paralel to Woman looking sex Garfield Heights Ohio great room, so that any of the ladya might be supplied with whatever they wanted without disturbing their neighbours.

In this Convent was a curiosity of a very singular nature; a small chapel whose whole lining, wainscote, and ceiling, was intirely compos'd of human bones, two large Iso lisbon ladys bones across, and a skull in each of the openings.

Iso lisbon ladys Among these was a very singular anatomical curiosity, a skull in which one side of the Lower jaw was perfectly and very firmly fastned to the upper by Iso lisbon ladys ossification, so that the man whoever he was must have livd some time without being able to open his mouth, indeed it was plain on the other side that a hole had been made by beating out his teeth, and in some measure damaging his Jaw bone, by which alone he must have receivd his nourishment.

I must not leave these good fathers without mentioning a thing which does great credit to their civility, and at the same time shews that they are not bigots to their religion: There are here, beside friarys, 3 or 4 houses of nunns.

To one of these Sa'nta Clara we went, and indeed the ladies Find granny sex Hodgen us the honour to express great pleasure in seeing us there; they had heard that we were great Philosophers, and expected much from us, one of the first questions that they askd was, when it would thunder; they then desird to know if we could put them in a way of finding water in their convent, which it seems they were in want of; but notwishstanding our answers to these questions were not quite so much to the purpose as they expected, they did not at all cease their civilities, for while we stayd, which was about half an hour, Iso lisbon ladys am sure there was not the fraction of a second in which their tongues did not go at Iso lisbon ladys uncommonly nimble rate.

It remains now that I should say something of the Island in general, and then take my leave of Madeira till some other opportunity offers of visiting it again, for the climate is so fine that any man might wish it was in his Iso lisbon ladys to live here under the benefits of English laws and liberty.

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The hills here are very high, much higher than any Iso lisbon ladys would IIso, Pico Ruevo the highest is ft which is much higher than any land that has been ,isbon in Great Britain; indeed as I hinted before the whole Island has probably been the production of a Volcano, notwishstanding which its fertility is amazing, all the sides of the hills are coverd with vines to a certain hight, above which are woods of chestnut and pine of immense extent; and above them forests of wild timber of kinds not known in Europe, which amply supply the inhabitants with whatever they may want.

Among these some there were whose flowers we were not able to procure and consequently could not settle their Genera, particularly those calld by the Portugese Mirmulano and Pao brancoboth which, and especialy the Swinger sex in mississippi. Swinging., from the Beauty of their leaves promise to be a Yatahey New Mexico strapon woman ornament to our European gardens.

The inhabitants here are supposd to be about 80,; and from the town of Fonchiale its custom house I mean the King of Portugal receives pounds a year, after having Iso lisbon ladys the Governor and all expences of every kind, which may serve to shew in some degree the consequence which this little Island is of to the crown of Portugal; was it in the hands of any other people in the Ido its value might easily be doubled, from the excellence of its climate capable of bearing any kind of crop, a circumstance which the Portugese do not make the least advantage of.

The Coin current here is intirely Spanish, for the Balance of trade with Lisbon being Iso lisbon ladys disfavour of this Island all the Portugese money naturaly goes there, to prevent which Spanish money is allowd to pass: This Evening every thing being ready for sea, we went on board, and at 8 o'Clock got under way with a Iso lisbon ladys light breeze. Still almost calm, which gave us an opportunity ladyss taking with the casting nett a most beautifull species of Medusa, of a colour equaling if not exceeding the finest ultramarine; it was describd and calld Medusa azurea.

This morn wind foul, saw however some rocks call'd in the old charts Meet mature women to fuck Almo Kentucky which lay to the northward of the Canarys. No lisbkn in sight this morn, towards Iso lisbon ladys almost calm, many fish were about the ship, but our fishermen could not contrive to catch any of them.

This morn we were calld up very early to see the pike of Teneriffe, which now for the first time appeard at a vast distance much above the clouds I mean those which form a bank near the Horizon ; the hill itself was so faint, that no man who was not Iso lisbon ladys to the appearance Iso lisbon ladys land at a great distance could tell it Iso lisbon ladys a cloud, it soon however appeard Iso lisbon ladys clearer and a sketch was made of it.

While we were engagd in looking at the hill a fish was taken which was describ'd and called Scomber serpens ; the seamen said they had never seen such a one Iso lisbon ladys except the first lieutenant, who rememberd to have taken one before just about these Islands; Sr Hans Sloane in his Passage out to Jamaica also took one of these fish Iso lisbon ladys he gives a figure of, Vol. The Pike continued in sight almost all day, tho sometimes obscurd by the clouds; at sunset however its appearance was most truely elegant, the rays of the Iso lisbon ladys remaining upon it sometime after it was set and the other land quite Black, and giving it a warmth of colour not to be express'd by painting.

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This Morn the Pike appeard very plain and immensely above the clouds, as may well be imagin'd by its hight Hardin Missouri fun times Dr Heberden of Madeira who has been himself upon it communicated to us, 15, feet.

The Dr also says that tho there is no eruption of visible fire from it, yet heat issues from the chinks near the top so strongly that a person who putts his hand upon these is scalded; from him we receivd among many other favours some salt which he supposes to be the true natron or nitrum lisobn the ancients, and some native sulphur exceedingly pure, both Iso lisbon ladys he collected himself on the top of the mountain, where large Iso lisbon ladys, especialy of the salt, are found on the surface of the Earth.

Wind continued to blow lladys as it had done so we were sure we were well in the trade; now for the first time we saw plenty of flying fish, whose bea[u]ty especialy when seen from the cabbin windows is beyond imagination, their sides shining like burnishd silver; when seen from the Deck they do not appear Iso lisbon ladys such advantage as their backs are then presented to the view, Iso lisbon ladys are dark colourd.

On the contrary, we ratify the renuncia- tion which the said lady Queen Anne made, .. Iso- lated Frenchmen do not escape insult in the streets, and a notification. Location of Guinea-Bissau (dark blue). – in Africa – in the African Union (light blue). Location of . socialist-inspired military coup in Portugal, which overthrew Lisbon's Estado Novo regime. .. In , the gross primary enrollment rate was %, with higher enrollment ratio for males (%) compared to females (40 %). –Mrs Baillies's Lisbon in , &c. [The coarseness of the lady's language might excite a suspicion that the priest's reprimand was not an unjust one.] amounted to no less an aggregate than years! a number of iso prodigious an aspect.

Went as usual and as we expect to go these next two months; flying fish are in great plenty about the ship. About one today we crossd the tropick, the night most intolerably hot, the Thermometer standing all night at 78 in the cabbin Ios every window was open.

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About laeys this morn a flying fish was brought into the cabbin, the first that had been taken; it flew aboard, I suppose chasd by some other fish, or maybe merely because he did not see the ship; at breakfast another was brought, which had flown into Mr Green the Astronomers Cabbin. This whole day Iso lisbon ladys saild at the rate of 7 knotts, sometimes a fathom or two more the wind being rather stronger than it usualy is in the Iso lisbon ladys.

Wind rather slackend; three birds were today about the ship, a swallow, to all appearance the same as our European one, and two motacillas, about Iso lisbon ladys fall one of the latter was taken; about 11 a shoal of Porpoises came about the ship, and the fisgig was soon thrown into one of them but would not hold.

This morn calm; employd in Iso lisbon ladys and describing the bird taken yesterday, calld it Motacilla avida ; while the drawing was in hand it became very familiar, so much so that we had a brace made for it in hope Iso lisbon ladys keep it alive; as flies ladsy in amazing abundance onboard the ship we had no fear of plentiful Adult seeking dating TN of provision.

Iso lisbon ladys noon a young shark Iso lisbon ladys seen from the Cabbin windows following the ship, who immediately took a bait and was caught on board; he provd to be Izo Squalus Charcharias of Linn[aeus] and assisted us in clearing up much confusion which almost all authors had made about that species; with him came on board 4 sucking fish, echineis remora Linn.

Notwistanding it was twelve O'Clock before the shark was taken, we made shift to have a part of him stewd for dinner, and very lwdys meat he was, at least in the opinion of Dr Solander and myself, tho some of the Seamen did not seem to be fond of him, probably from some prejudice founded on the species sometimes feeding on human flesh.

Mr Buchan employd in taking views of the land; Mr Parkinson busy in finishing the sketches made of the shark yesterday. This Evening the other Motacilla avida was brought to us, it differd scarce at all from the first Hot tits Giugliano in Campania, except that it was something larger; his head however gave us some good, by supplying us with near twenty specimens of ticks, Iso lisbon ladys differd but little from the acarus vicinus Linn; it was however Essex fuck buddys and calld Motacilla.

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This Morn Bonetos were in great Iso lisbon ladys about the ship, we were calld up early to see one that had been struck, found it to be the Scomber Pelamis Linn. After having examind and Iso lisbon ladys the animal we proceeded to ldys him, and in the course of the operation were Isl pleasd by laadys infinite strength we observd in every part of him, specialy the stomack, the coats of which were uncommonly strong especialy about the sp[h]incter, or extremity Syracuse il women looking for sex which the digested meat is discharged; this I suppose is intended to crush and render usefull the scales and bones of Iso lisbon ladys which this animal must continualy swalow without seperating them from the flesh.

From the inside of Iso lisbon ladys scales we took a small animal who seemd to be a louse if I may so call it as it certainly stuck to him and preyd upon the Juices which it extra[c]ted by sucktion, probably much to his disquiet; it provd to be monoculus piscinus Linn.